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Mark D. Gillespie 
Political Activist and 
Author of 
Brotherly Love, the Novel 
If you thought that there was nothing that could tear America apart; you are dead wrong...

Brotherly Love is a novel depicting the fall of America and the people behind it.  Imagine an America where: 
  • Slavery returns in a more virulent form 
  • All media is censored by law 
  • Taxes are increased enormously 
  • Socialist/Communists have taken over an American state 
  • Racial clashes forces the Army to destroy whole cities 
  • Massive numbers of people are "disappeared" daily 
  • Brother turns against brother in another "Civil War" 
  • The greatest threat is not nuclear war from without, 
  •   but from within... 

    However, "Brotherly Love" is a novel of hope as well.  Imagine a land where: 
  • Taxes doesn't exist 
  • Crime is non-existent 
  • Shaky business deals and funny money are replaced with honest transactions and sound currency 
  • Wage slavery and unemployment is a thing of the past 
  • People of all races get along and prosper together 
    This is a story told within the pages of "Brotherly Love".  Click here for an excerpt from the novel. For more information on laws to help us get along with each other click here.
    This page is under construction but, soon there will be more writings by me and also an ordering page for the purchase of "Brotherly Love" and other books.  Email me at my home for more details or for inquiries. 

    What harm can a book do that costs a hundred crowns? Twenty volumes folio will never cause a revolution; it is the little portable volumes of thirty sous that are to be feared. -- Voltaire

    Keep an eye out, right here, for the details of my new project, "The No State Project".